List Of Grantees

Contact: 0244286156,0244286158

Location: Western

Purpose: To train 55 members and 5 extension officers in Nursery Management, Modern Field Planting, Fertilizer Application, Harvesting & Post-Harvest Handling, Disease Management, Farm Management. There is a potential increase in productivity from 3.5 to 7.0 tonnes per hectare .

Contact: 0249873304, 0208807575

Location: Ashanti

Purpose: Sleeking grant to expand production and distribution of the Biofil Digester in Ghana

Contact: 0244389636,0244327720

Location: Greater Accra

Purpose: To train 100 staff in Mass Production Techniques, specifically in Pattern Making, Cutting, Sewing and Packaging.

Contact Info:0277885566


Purpose:To set up a centre for developing and training practitioners in the jewellery industry in Computer Aided Jewellery designing technology in jewellery production and train an initial 600

Contact Info:0200854766


Purpose: Koko King staff skills upgrade project

Contact: 0276600989,0266174549

Location: Greater Accra

Purpose: To set up a modern automobile workshop and train tutors of the Mechanical Engineering Department on new practical skills in automobile servicing and maintenance. This facility will serve as a Centre of Excellence for the automobile service industry in the region.

Contact: 0243981056, 0244479532

Location: Volta

Purpose:To train 75 farmers in good agronomic practices in Chilli production and water management for an all-year-round Chilli production and entrepreneurship.


Contact Info:0206986314,0249747313

Purpose:Training in hair and beauty care, entrepreneurship and management for national association of beauticians and hairdressers (NABH), Manya Krobo district



Purpose: To train 13 staff in Swine and Fish Management, Disease Prevention & Control and also the usage of the Direct-Fed Microbial (RE3). Mortality in both pigs and fish are expected to go down by 30%, 12 months after the training.

Contact: Nana Kwaku Siaw. 0244537144/0209276506

Location: Ashanti Region