List Of Grantees

Purpose: Training in hair & beauty care, entrepreneurship and management for NABH, Central Region

Contact: 0244453400,0244507110

Location: Central

Purpose: To train 50 members in the use of hot curler, micro hair strands extension techniques, hair fusion, facial treatment, entrepreneurship and customer care.

Contact Info:0208191717,024775990

Location:Dormaa Ahenkro

Purpose: Improved business management and modern cosmetology, beauty care and hair dressing skills for increased productivity and income for 84 NABH members of the Jasikan and adjebi district assemblies in the Volta region

Contact: 0249315523,0243028371

Location: Volta Region

Purpose: To upgrade the skills and knowledge of 100 members in hair and beauty care; the use of hot curler for tonguing and creating hair styles, selecting a hair relaxer to use for each type of hair, fixing nails extension and entrepreneurial skills.

Contact Info:

Purpose: Training in hair & beauty care, entrepreneurship and management for national association of beauticians and hairdressers, Western region

Contact: 0208164528,0243105833 

Location: Western

Purpose: To upgrade skills of its 35 members in hair cutting, modern practices of cosmetology, health & safety and entrepreneurial skills.

Contact Info:0272560904,0268610482


Purpose: To upgrade the skills of 70 Master Craftswomen in Facial Treatment, Hair Removal, Nail Extension and Entrepreneurship Development

Location: Greater Accra Region

Contact Info:0244097234

Purpose: To upgrade the skills of 50 members in automobile engine and electrical servicing, electronic computer systems in auto repairs and engine repairs

Contact Info:0208231127,0208182809


Purpose: Modern hairdressing and beauty care, therapy and entrepreneurship development skills for 100 pre-selected NABH members in Nkwanta district assembly in the Volta region

Contact: 0501264255,0246927463

Location: Volta