List Of Grantees

Purpose: To train 45 members in Soap Hardening, Fragrance Application, Packaging & Basic Entrepreneurship

Contact Info: John Anagbonu - 0242-124474/0241967466

Location:North/Central Tongu

Purpose: Skills upgrading project for the northern region members of the association of building and civil engineering contractors of Ghana

Contact: 0208161427,0244803663

Location: Northern

Purpose: To train 50 members in Hydroponics Technology in vegetable cultivation, Farm Management, Crop Nursery, Crop Transplanting, Crop Maintenance, Harvesting & Post Harvest Handling. The Association estimates an increase of 60% yield per acre for produce.

Contact Info: Abubakar Alhassan. 2042144265/0245730812.

Location:Central Region

Purpose: To train 250 members on improved agronomic practices, safe use of agrochemicals, efficient post harvest management technology, appropriate ways of selecting mills and product packaging

Contact Info:0246386607,0246296608

Location:Greater Accra

Purpose: To provide employable skills training to 60 school dropouts and reformed commercial sex workers and 90 artisans.

Contact Info:

Location:Upper East

Purpose: To introduce a new Competency Based Training (CBT) aimed at developing a dual system of school-based and work-based learning, which will contribute to the hairdressing literacy development of the informal sector.

Contact Info: Ohemaa Yaa Serwaa Kyerewaa - 0208200289.

Location:Ashanti Region

Purpose: To enhance the skills and expertise of staff in Agile Development Methodologies and best practices as well as Mobile and Hosted application development and deployment.

Contact Info:030222877,0244877912


Purpose: To train Staff and Out-Growers in Rice Agronomy; Mill Operations; Heavy Machine Operation, Maintenance and Repair; Field Irrigation Systems & Canal Maintenance.  Grant will also be used to procure seeds, fertilizers and a sorter. 

Contact: 0543511416

Location: Volta

Precious Minerals Marketing Company (PMMC) | GHC 584, 263.00

Contact Info:0244938358


Purpose: To train 100 staff to safely collect and recycle the waste oil for re-use.  Staff will also be trained in Occupational Health & Safety, Quality Control Systems with focus on effective and efficient use of hi-tech spent/dirty oil recycling plant and effective and efficient usage of additives during the recycling process.

Contact: 0243803910

Location: Ashanti