List Of Grantees

Purpose: To automate its processes and procedures in managing the hospital by acquiring IT System and the deployment of a tailor made Rural Hospital Management Technology System. This will include the training of 150 staff of the hospital in the use of the system.

Location: Eastern

Contact Info:0243803910,0244775828

Purpose: To acquire an innovative technology - 'Can Closure'. The technology comes with stainless steel mixing tank, built in agitator, a filling machine tank, automatic sealer, a conveyor and inkjet coder to enhance the canning process to enable the company meet international export requirements.

Contact: 0244648367, 0244925047

Location: Greater Accra

Purpose:To build the capacity and upgrade the skills of 60 master electronic technicians in computer hardware, software, networking and related skills.

Contact Info:0208235670

Location:Brong Ahafo


Your proposal is complete if the answer to all the relevant questions is YES.

Section 1: Project background

  1. Does the background information provided fully give good grounding for the support to enhance quality of skills/access technology
  2. Can the problems described be solved by the skills training/technology acquisition proposed?
  3. Does the proposed solution make sense?

Section 2: Description of the problem

  1. Does the problem description fit the objectives of the applicant?
  2. Has the applicant clearly described the problem?
  3. Has the applicant explained the impact of the problem on the firm/organisation?

Section 3: Description of the project objectives

  1. Are the project objectives clearly explained? Do these make sense? Fit into the overall plan of the business?

Section 4: Project Strategy

  1. Has the applicant explained clearly how the project will be executed? How the actual training will be done, how the technology centre will function, How the trained beneficiaries will utilise the new skills to execute assignments

Section 5: Who will help carry out the project?

  1. Does the proposed partner (trainer or technology partner) have sufficient experience to carry out the project? Have they done something similar before?
  2. Is the capability statement of the service provider provided/attached to the proposal?
  3. Is a Memorandum of Understanding between the applicant and the trainer /service provider/technology partner (s) attached to the proposal? Does the MoU detail all partner on the project?
  4. Is there an invoice from the trainer/technology partner/service provider?
  5. If it is a technology acquisition, has the applicant sufficiently described what that technology is and how, when it is deployed, help the applicant significantly increase productivity?
  6. If the applicant wants to deliver training innovation, has it demonstrated sufficient demand for the service supported by market survey findings, letters from industry demanding the service?
  7. If technology centre is there a clear need for this centre?
    1. Is the Centre key mandate the development of technology to firms in the association?
    2. Is the ownership of the Centre clearly stated?
    3. Is there clear evidence of collaboration between the technology centre and industry as evidenced by exchange of letters, MoUs, etc?
    4. Has the technology centre made a clear case for how it intends to charge for services it provides to firms? Is the fee structure (as proposed/explained) enough to cover cost?

Section 6: When project will be carried out

  1. Has the applicant clearly stated when the project will start, end?
  2. Do the activities and timelines make sense?
  3. Are the activities, when executed, likely to result in the achievement of project objectives?
  4. Are the activities adequate to achieve the objectives of the project?
  5. Are the activities too many and are some redundant?

Section 7: Activity Plan

  1. Is the plan properly outlined?
  2. Do the persons put in charge of executing each of the activities have the experience to deliver quality?

Section 8: Expected measurable results

  1. Has the applicant clearly identified the measurable outputs of the project?
  2. Are they in line with the activities outlined earlier in the proposal?
  3. Are they sufficient?

Section 9: Expected results

  1. Given the problems and the activities to solve same, do all the expected results appear realistic? Too optimistic?
  2. Has the applicant explained how the expected results will be achieved?

Section 10: Sustainability

  1. Has the applicant satisfactorily explained how the results will be sustained?
  2. If technology centre do the sums add up? Is there demonstrable evidence that the users of the Centre service will pay at least cost covering fees?
  3. Has the applicant explained how it intends to promote the centre to drive in more users?
  4. If training innovation has the applicant fully explained how it intends to sustain the delivery of the service?
  5. Monitor the impact of the service delivery in the short to medium term?

Section 11: Financial proposal

  1. Does the financial proposal make sense?
  2. Does the invoice from the trainer/technology partner/service provider inform the budget?
  3. Does it tie in with the activity plan?
  4. Are the fees proposed reasonable given the quality of the persons to execute the assignment?
  5. Are the activities to be financed eligible under the Funding Window through which application has been made?


Purpose: To develop and deliver short oil and gas courses in Engine Room Operations, Subsea Engineering and Pneumatics.

Contact Info:0263995211

Location:Greater Accra

Purpose: To train 144 farmers from the Sisala East District in Good Agronomic practices in the High Yielding Onion Varieties (Galimi and Bawku Red), Irrigation Management, Pest and Disease Control and the Procurement of 6 Water Pumping Machines. An estimated incr

Contact Info: Yanaa kahay. -0245267456/0542390608.

Purpose: To train 50 members in Hydroponics Technology, Farm Management, Crop Maintenance, Harvesting & Post Harvest Handling.  The Association estimates a crop increase of 30% yield per acre

Location:Brong Ahafo Region

Contact Info:0545244466

Purpose: To upgrade the skills of 75 farmers so as to prevent high morbidity and mortality rate; improved piggery management, preparation of pig diet using organic direct-fed microbial, Disease Prevention & Control. The Association estimate a reduction in mortali

Contact Info: Antwi Bosiako Nketia. 0244228875/0244618949.

Location:Western Region