List Of Grantees

Purpose: To upgrade the skills of 15 staff in Basketry, Pottery & Painting so as to improve the quality and finishing of products to meet customers high expectation and also be competitive.

Contact Info: Akasisese Brigdet. 0205880712/0243012967.

Location:Upper East

Purpose: To train 400 staff in quality control, coaching and mentoring, packaging and finishing, production planning, facility and equipment layout, logistics and shipping, and merchandise marketing.

Contact Info: Nora Bannerman abbott 0202220294. Natasha B.Mograbi. 0202220295.

Location:Greater Accra

Purpose: To train 20 staff in Cosmetic Chemistry, Product Innovation & Formulation, E-Commerce, Customer Care & Client Relation. These will improve their Product Development and Marketing Skills.

Contact Info: Francesca Brenda opoku. 0501258666/0501258667.

Purpose: To develop Competency Based Training (CBT) curricula and offer training in Hospitality and Catering Management. Part of the fund will be used to procure and install equipments/tools to be used in the training.

Contact Info:0247706156

Location:Eastern Region

Purpose: To train 50 members in Animal and Udder Health, Milking and Milk Hygiene, Testing, Improved Dairy Nutrition, Fodder Preparation and Conservation.

Contact: 0244989861

Location: Suhum

Purpose: To train 60 members in Smock Weaving, Designing, Costing, Pricing, Packaging and Business Management.

Contact Info:

Purpose: To upgrade the skills of 100 members in Quality Control & preservation, design, construction & finishing, Health & Safety, entrepreneurship and waste reduction.

Contact: 0277441912, 0246097020

Location: Greater Accra

Purpose:Train Tongu Pepper Growers in Agro Business



Purpose: To assemble solar panels in Ghana.SDF is funding the cost of acquiring a 10MW solar panel module production line for the production of solar panel in Ghana, the cost of managing the entire project and engineering services as well as insta

Contact Info:0208175249,020751391

Location:Greater Accra