List Of Grantees

Purpose: To train 120 members in the calculation, use and application of rates for work items. The training will provide skills in realistic and accurate pricing for bills of quantities.

Contact Info:

Purpose: To train and certify 261 members spread across the regions in Heavy Duty Equipment Operation. Productivity is expected to increase from 35% to 60%.

Contact Info: Joseph Ebo Hewton. 0204044053/0277121327.

Purpose: To upgrade the technical skills of its 25 members in quality powdered soap making, packaging, branding, and applying the right fragrance, entrepreneurial and management training, coaching and counselling.

Contact: 0243247606

Location: Eastern Region

Contact: 0244056195,0542485999

Location: Western Region

Purpose: To train 50 members in good agronomic practices and provide technology transfer training in the production of Virgin Coconut Oil so as to tap into the high end food, pharmaceutical and industrial market.

Contact Info: John Nat Aowin. 0246482134/0271020427.

Purpose: To set up a technology centre to transfer protein hydroxylates bait, a technology used in controlling fruit fly menace on farms, for use by mango farmers and other fruit/vegetable farmers in reducing fly insect invasion.

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Purpose: To develop a competency based curriculum and provide skills training for 300 farmers in the handling of tomatoes in readiness for gamma irradiation and processing. The project will also set up 3 medium intermediary processing facilities for continuous training

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Purpose: To train 50 members in good agronomic practices, pest and disease detection and control, good irrigation water management practices and business management.

Location: Northern

Contact: 0241257697, 0243857869, 0246217642

Purpose: To train 31 members in reducing mortality of poultry and livestock on their farms. The farmers will also be trained on usage of RE3, an organic feed supplement.

Purpose: 0244786484, 0244651547, 020952391

Location: Bosomtwi

Purpose: To train 429 members in processing Moringa leaves and seeds into soap, powder, body lotion making and oil extraction), Start-Up Business workshops

Contact Info: Paul yeboah. 0243-702-596.