List Of Grantees

Purpose: To develop competency based IATA courses in hospitality, travel and tourism.

Contact: 0243945679

Location: Central Region

Purpose: To undertake training in packaging, labeling, system design, quality control, occupational health and safety and entrepreneurship.

Contact Info:0244817457

Location: Krobo

Purpose: To support the overall goal of providing Bamboo Craft skill based training over an 8 month period. CDP will train 30 trainers who will in turn train 300 trainees to support the production process in 10 bamboo cottage enterprises.

Contact Info:0244595112

Location:Greater Accra Region

Purpose: Skills upgrading of 100 members in prudent financial management, small scale business management, record keeping, banking culture and how to access micro credit.

Contact Info:0246567100

Location: Greater Accra Region

Purpose: Training in efficient techniques of soap making as well as entrepreneurship and management for cluster of ABEA Soap makers, Gomoa East District Central Region.

Contact: 0244240887

Location: Central

Purpose: To train 25 members in soap making, fragrance application techniques, entrepreneurship and small business management.

Location: Central

Contact: 0243645953, 0200278681

Purpose: To upgrade the skills of 50 members in Micro Hair Extension, Hair Fusion, Facial Treatment and Customer Care Management.

Contact Info:0208635642, 0209136547


Purpose: To train 40 members in efficient agronomic practices, including proper fertilizer application and post-harvest handling of cotton

Contact Info: Addul Rahman Mohammed, 0268-816-233

Location: Tamale

Purpose: To address challenges facing the pig industry: inability to provide or the unavailability of cheap but quality feed for pig production; unavailability of high productive breeds; limited farmer know-how in breeding and good management practices, feed form

Contact Info: Dr. E. K. Adu. 0264785992,

Location: Adenta Municipality

Purpose: To train and mentor students in horticultural cultivation and Global Good Agricultural Practices (GlobalGap). The grant will also be used to construct a green house to support all-year round practical hands-on training for farmers and students.

Contact: 0243477446, 0263286248

Location: Northern