List Of Grantees

Purpose: To train 50 members in: using Plant Protein to replace animal protein in Poultry Feed Formulation; Direct-Fed Microbial for productive performance for Layer Chickens; Turning Poultry Waste into Compost and Entrepreneurship Development.

Contact: 0208194800, 0208194780

Location: Brong Ahafo

Purpose: To train 90 members in the preparation of new feed package/diet using local crop residue solution such as Moringa and other local herbs, and also train them in the best practices in grasscutter management.

Contact Info:0209020997

Location: New Juabeng

Purpose: To train 40 members on how to apply RE3-DFM technology in poultry production to enhance their productivity by improving growth rate and efficiency of egg production and feed utilisation.

Contact: 0244407325

Location:Ejisu Juabeng

Purpose: To train 200 members on technology to improve performance of pigs on their farms, using 4 on-farm demonstrations. Also to develop sound and ethical business and management practices among its members.

Contact Info: Nana Akrasi, 0244-407-325.

Location:Ejisu Juabeng

Purpose: To train 55 members in good agronomic practices and provide technology transfer training in the production of Virgin Coconut Oil so as to tap into the high end food, pharmaceutical and industrial market.

Contact Info: Sylvester Mochia. 0243434991.


Purpose: To upgrade the skills of 150 members in modern auto mechanic technology and basic computer literacy.

Contact Info:0207422171, 0243869367


Purpose: To partner with Oasis Management Limited, a leading food safety management systems training company, to implement a program to deliver training and certification in Health Analysis and Critical Control points (HACCP) to the hospitality industry.

Contact Info:0302775599


Purpose: To provide 45 members with the technical skills and technology update on regular basis to enable them to respond favourably to demands from exporters and other buyers.

Contact Info: 0241901213, 0244579150

Location:Nsawam Adoagyiri 

Purpose: To train and upgrade the skills of 100 staff in the Fronter E-Learning environment to be abreast with international standard services offered to clients using the Fronter E-Learning platform.

Contact Info:

Purpose: To develop a structured training programme and train metal and fabrication master craftspersons in entrepreneurship, literacy and computational skills

Contact Info:0243154546, 0242777159

Location:Cape Coast